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Lovers Candy Bra

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Preço Normal: 17,00 €

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De açúcar? Sim, tão louco como possa parecer é absolutamente verdadeiro, este sutiã é feito inteiramente de doces pequenos todos primorosamente amarrados juntos para fazer o tipo de roupa interior que você nunca vai encontrar na rua.

É um grande presente, seja como uma novidade para as noites privadas e festas, um presente picante para uma senhora especial, ou um caminho para o dois se mimarem a si mesmos.
Sexy lingerie comes in a variety of materials. Lace, satin, sugar... hang on? Sugar? Yes, as mad as it may sound, it's absolutely true; this bra is made entirely out tiny sweets, all intricately strung together to make the kind of underwear you'll never find on the high street (unless you live in Amsterdam.)

Our Candy G-String has been a massive success, so to give you the option of a matching lingerie set, we hunted down the Candy Bra. Like the g-string, it's made up of pastel coloured sweets we all loved as children. But there's nothing ‘sweet and innocent' about this over the shoulder boulder holder; in fact, we'd go as far as saying it's downright naughty. Which is exactly what we like about it.

There are all sorts of possibilities to explore with the Candy Bra. It's guaranteed to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth, which will satisfy the wearer even more. Also, the typical man seems to find undoing a bra more difficult than completing a Rubik's cube with one hand behind their back. This bra you can just nibble away.

The Candy Bra gives after dinner treats a whole new meaning, and like another famous brand of confectionery, we're pretty sure you can eat it between meals without ruining your appetite. It makes a great gift, whether as a novelty for hen nights and parties, a saucy present for a special lady, or a way for the two of you to treat yourselves. The only snag is you're never going to be able to walk past the Pick ‘n' Mix counter again without a big grin appearing on your face.

Content: 280 gram