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Elegant Eyes Mask Rf80360

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Elegant Eyes Mask Rf80360

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Disponibilidade: Disponível

Preço Normal: 26,00 €

Your Saving: 75%

Preço Promoção 6,50 €


Material: renda
Material: Lace

There are loads of masks to choose from for different parties. There could be lace mask, feather mask or patriotic mask showing famous politicians. Lace masks could be used for most elegant or extravagant parties. These masks are especially trendy at any carnival or Mardi Gras celebration. On these occasions a person can have fantasy Gothic Elegant Lace Party Evening Prom Masquerade Mask.


Máscara para olhos em renda preta.
Para costumes, fantasias, festas e momentos sexy. Torna-a elegante e misteriosa.